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Back for Round two

It has been a long time since I last posted and a lot has changed. I have a new job (which is much more sedentary than my last one) that makes more money, I now have a boyfriend turned fiancé, I moved up north where it is winter half the year, and I have gained all my weight back (according to the scale plus a few extra pounds although I may have gained some muscle mass). After the great progress I made last time I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that I slipped. And thats what this is a minor setback. I have spent far too much time being sedentary and have been eating far too many carbohydrates (a recipe for disaster - although it tasted very good at the time).

So to help me get back on track I am going primal (paleo) for at least 90 days. This will be very, very, VERY, hard for me as I am a self proclaimed “carbivore”. Not gonna lie! I will definitely detox, go through major carbohydrate withdrawal, and will probably be willing to sell pretty much anything I own for a cookie. But clearly giving into my cravings has gotten me to place I most decidedly DO NOT want to be (overweight, feeling like crap, and out of shape).

I have always flirted with the idea of going primal and now i am committing. I have ordered the “The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal: A Personal Experiment (n=1)” by Mark Sisson from I feel i will do much better and more likely to “stick-with-it” with a place to track everything (and of course sharing my experience here).

My plan of attack:


  • I eat back and eggs every day I work already
  • For a light breakfast I may have some yogurt (Greek of course)
  • Or I may go with a berry protein smoothie


  • I plan to start eating soup which if I pair with protein if the soup doesn’t have a significant source. 
  • Big salads
  • Meat and Oven Roasted Vegetables (which includes sweet potatoes)

As for exercise you ask? I plan to use body weight strength training. Checkout “Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women’s Fitness” by Mark Lauren. Also I have an exercise bike for cardio (which I will utilize especially when the weather turns too cold to go outside).

I will chronicle my journey here and share the good the recipes I have personally tested and approved. Time to put these excellent resources to good use.

Until next time

Grok on!




Now, here we go. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! A huge fitblr raffle, with everything you’ve ever desired in your quest for healthy living and more! :D But it’s also a raffle. You see, I have to have surgery - to remove the excess skin from my breasts and repair the damage done to them that was caused by losing 70 pounds. The surgery costs $10,000, and no, insurance won’t pay for any of it. As a single 21 year old living in Chicago, with a full time job and trying to run my own business, I still can’t afford it. So, I decided to try and raise money and also giveaway some really awesome stuff! 

Here are the rules/regulations/how to enter: 

  • Must be following me
  • ONE REBLOG ONLY. Extra reblogs do not count and will not get you any extra entries! 
  • Check out my gofundme page here:
  • TO GET EXTRA ENTRIES: DONATE! For every dollar you donate (for some reason, the minimum is $5 and I can’t change that), you will get an extra entry! So $5 gets you 5 entries, $10 gets you 10 entries and so on! 
  • FOR ONE FREE EXTRA ENTRY: Share the link of my gofundme page on Facebook. The website shows me how many shares there are/who shared it, so yeah!
  • This applies retroactively to those who have already donated! So if you’ve already donated, you’re good to go! 
  • Likes do not count! 
  • I will ship internationally! 
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by 
  • NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE TO BE ENTERED. You will get one entry by reblogging this post, so even if you don’t donate - you still have a chance!
  • NOTE: If this post gets deleted again, I will have to figure out another way to do this. I’m sorry in advance if that happens again :/

What all is included in the raffle? Well here you go: 

  • Fitness Basics Resistance Band
  • Fitness Basics 65cm exercise ball
  • Fitness Basics women’s athletic gloves
  • Fit N Fresh Lunch on the Go set
  • Fit N Fresh Smart Portion Chill containers
  • Fit N Fresh Vortex Hydrator
  • Halloween Owl themed water bottle
  • FitPlan (like a fitness journal)
  • Nike Speed Jump Rope
  • 1 Nike “Beast” Dri-Fit T-shirt in a women’s Medium.
  • 1 Nike “Eat My Dust” Dri-Fit T-shirt in a girl’s Large (so fits womens small/medium)
  • 1 Nike “Just Say Yes to Endorphins” Dri-Fit T-shirt in a women’s Large
  • 1 pair of Nike Pro compression shorts in a women’s Medium.
  • $50 Whole Foods gift card. 
  • $50 Dick’s Sporting goods gift card. 
  • 2 boxes of organic Clif Bars in the flavor of your choice. 
  • 2 Activate Apparel (the etsy shop) shirts OF YOUR CHOICE, IN YOUR SIZE.
  • 1 pair of Nike Free Runs IN YOUR SIZE, in your preferred color. So whoever wins will give me their size and some color preferences, and I will buy them for you (I work at Dick’s Sporting Goods). 
  • 1 workout outfit of your choice IN YOUR SIZE! Again, just give me your size/color/brand preferences, and I will be your personal shopper for the day! So you will get a top, bottom and sports bra.
  • 1 customized meal/workout plan. 

Oh and one more thing… I will be choosing ten runner-ups to get free meal/workout plans from yours truly (I am a certified personal trainer). 

Awesome right?! This raffle ends on December 1st of 2013 OR if I reach my ultimate surgery goal, whichever comes first. 

So get to reblogging! Good luck! May the Force be with you! 

I love this girl! She is amazing, hard working, and inspiring! As soon as I get paid a the end of the month I am donating to her fix the boobies fund. She deserves it. :o)

thank you in advance :)


If you have trouble with remembering to drink water or knowing how much to drink, download “iDrated” from the App Store it’s free & helps you stay hydrated. The app also has reminders to let you know when to have more water! (Let me know what you think)

This is kinda cool so i thought I would pass on.
And yes it is for the Iphone.

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